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Angelic Universal Regression Alchemy (AURA) Hypnosis Healing Technique session

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AURA Hypnosis Healing Technique developed by Intuitive, Quantum Alchemist and Spiritual Life Coach, Rising Phoenix Aurora. This technique incorporates energy work as part of the induction process. AURA allows for the integration of ancient and sacred alchemy symbols with energy work comparable to Reiki allowing deeper relaxation along with a deeper connection to the subconscious or Higher Self. AURA has proven effective for energy attachments and energy interference especially for those that have attempted regression before.

AURA can be done in person or online with the help of a good internet connection, headphones and a microphone connected to a laptop, tablet or mobile/cellular phone.

Each session may take anywhere from 3-5 hours and consists of two parts. Since it is your subconscious that determines the exact duration, it is important to book for a day where you would not feel rushed or be interrupted.

Part one of the session is the interview process where we go over your questions and discuss what our intentions are for the session. If you have chosen to do your session online please email your questions ahead of time.

Part two includes energy work similar to a Reiki session where universal energy is transferred through the practitioner to the client followed by the induction process and regression.

Please be on time for your session and if doing an online session ensure your headphones as well as zoom connection have been tested and are in good working order.

Due to the considerable time required to prepare for each session, if you arrive later than half hour late to a session additional fees apply and/or the session will automatically be cancelled and a 50% refund will be issued as a courtesy to clients who are scheduled after you and deserve the same level of care and preparation for their session.

For more information including how to prepare for your session and what to expect after click here.

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