Crystal Gong Bath

Date: September 18, 2019

Time: 7pm - 8pm

Location: Beach Fitness 148 Main St Suite E Seal Beach California

Relign and balance the chakra system and physical body with crystalline sound healing and therapeutic gong meditation.

Everything in our Universe is made purely of vibrations and resonates with its own signature frequency. Reality is a cornucopia of living energy, and all matter (including human beings) is simply interpenetrating waves of energy which have crystallized into form and structure. This primordial life force energy is called by many names in different cultures – AUM (OM), Prana, Chi, Ki, Mana, Spirit, or Quantum Energy, etc.

Crystal Bowls and gongs work directly with this universal energy and channel it into the body to invigorate our entire being! Through this super-flow of life-force energy, these instruments can help us remember our connection with the Universal Source and energy allowing us access to the unlimited healing energy from within.

Facilitated by: Piyadha Seabolt, Usui Reiki Master and Barb Bartee owner of Beach Fitness

Suggestions: Yoga mat, blanket, pillow and water. You will be laying down for at least 30 minutes so bringing extra cushion is encouraged for ultimate relaxation.

Piyadha can be found at: