About Me

I first found the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique through divine guidance.  A short video passed on to me ignited a spark of interest which led to a new spiritual practice and path. Getting the QHHT certification led to Reiki and a thirst for knowledge about energy work and guiding others to find their passion and life purpose in the same way I was finding mine. A certification in Beyond Quantum Healing further allowed for an evolution of my practice to incorporate essential oils, chakra healing techniques as well as sound therapy. The stumbling upon of energy attachments when working with clients led to further learning and the eventual certification in the AURA Quantum Hypnosis Alchemy Healing method.

Soul Healing Essentials is a sacred collection of modalities which have allowed me to keep developing and learning new ways to guide others towards their own healing. Combining all my certifications, interests and new tools that I stumble upon guides me to not only work with others but to also share the journey along the way and hopefully ignite a spark for growth and inspiration within those I come into contact with.

Thank you for joining me xo

Ali is the founder of Spiritual Architect LLC and manages Soul Healing Essentials as well as Seal Beach Designs.